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When it is a matter of sprucing up your room then wall decal stickers can be of great use to you. If you feel decorating wall with normal ‘wall sticker’ is an obsolete idea then why not use vinyl decal sticker? Now-a-days sticker decals have becoming more and more adorable to interior designers as a tool of decorating home in a fraction of minutes.

Not only you require very brief time to install wall decal but also it gives you incredible design to bring playful warmth on your wall. Decal wall stickers simply means where a pattern is printed on a plastic or paper and that pattern or picture can be transferred to another surface through contact. This ‘transfer’ is aided by either water or heat.

The process of developing decals was started way back in 1750 by a Frenchman Simon Francois Ravenet. Decal is a short form of French word “Decalquer” which means to “copy by tracing.” In that time, handmade tissue was used to transfer the color coat.

However, in 1800’s when rubber glue bats were invented wall decals industry boosted because those rubber glue bats were reusable. In 1895 duplex paper was invented that turned down the cost of decal production by 80%. The last giant leap to impact decals was the innovation of silk-screen printing in 1930’s.

Since then there was no way back for wall decal industry and at present with the amazing advancement of printing industry by the boon of computerized scanners and image editors wall decor stickers are just thriving.

There are basically two types of variations of decals namely water-slide and vinyl peel and stick decal and we concentrate on both.

Water-slide Decals

The other name of water slide decal is water dip decal. As the name suggests this kind of decal must be dipped in water before it adheres to the wall surface. The glue from the water resistant paper becomes loosened with the contact of water and thus the pattern is removed from the back side.

Vinyl peel and stick Decals

Vinyl peel and stick decal doesn’t need any contact with water to be transferred to another surface. It is basically a vinyl sticker that can simply be transferred by peeling. Vinyl wall decal stickers may come in the form of both images and word art.

  1. First of all, decal gives your wall a unique look. It is time to say goodbye to old-fashioned wallpaper/sticker. With hundreds of variety and stunning look you can actually modify wall decals according to your style and taste.
  2. Vinyl stickers are very easy to apply. Even a child can install the sticker with ease as it can be applied to any smooth and clean surface.
  3. When you decorate your home with any tools it is always a great concern how to clean that material. Well, decal sticker can remove your anxiety in this regard. You can easily clean the decal by swiping it all through its length.
  4. Sticker decals are easy to remove as well. You can remove the sticker by simply peeling of the edges without damaging the surface area.

If you want to decorate your wall at cheaper cost yet at stunning manner you can always think of wall sticker. A trendy wall decal can give your room an artistic flair and make your room lively. May it be your child’s room, bedroom or guestroom freedom is your ally when you apply wall decal sticker to decorate the wall.

We are providing high quality decal at an affordable rate. So it’s time to decorate your wall with decal sticker and brightens your surroundings.

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