What is Vinyl Wall Sticker?

Vinyl Wall Sticker Malaysia

Also found under the name of “stickers”, the vinyl wall decals are simple decals that can be attached to any kind of painted, smooth, flat surface. A painted drywall, glass, and Formica would be the main surfaces included in home décor. The user will have the opportunity to use all kinds of graphics or pictures to decorate their rooms or offices. As a result, more and more individuals are searching to decorate the rooms of their homes or offices the remarkable wall sticker art.

In broad categories there are actually three types of vinyl, material-calendared vinyl, intermediate vinyl and cast vinyl. As calendared vinyl doesn’t last too long and not ideal for wall sticker. Intermediate vinyl is a mid grained vinyl with a durability of 4 years even with the exposure to bad weathers and ideal for wall decal. Cast vinyl is the best vinyl with a thickness of two mm. But due to its thickness, it is not cost effective for normal decoration use.


Our sticker material has strong adhesive power and perfect for making wall decal. This type of vinyl is resistant to water; heat as well as extreme weather thus gives very long durability (up to 6 years). However, they are easily removed and leaving no trace behind.

Interior Design – Flexible and Cost Effective

Modern interior design reflects your interest, style and choices in a comprehensive manner. As a person you can be trendy by using vinyl wall decal as an interior designing tool. It gives you the chance of changing styles whenever you want at a very minimum cost without causing any harm to your wall. While using vinyl wall sticker the only limit is your array of imagination and we are here to satisfy your thirst for beauty.

With vinyl wall stickers can aid you to customize your study room or library with your favorite quotations, poems or song lyrics attached to the wall. In a nutshell, the possibilities are indefinite.

We are happy to deliver pre-made and custom made designs to our customers so our decal stickers can be anything and everything a person can imagine.

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