All About Clear Vinyl Decals

Glass Sticker Penang MalaysiaClear vinyl decals are popular in this day and age. They have numerous advantages over the traditional screen printing stickers. Vinyl decals can be used on a glass, walls, mirrors, car window, water bottle, laptop, and numerous other applications. This article provides information on clear vinyl decals.

Vinyl decals create a sharp contrast against whatever application they are applied to. On the other hand, a screen printed sticker has a border layer that gets in the way. In fact, printed stickers come with a white filler or background included with the design.

Clear vinyl decals come in many sizes and shapes. They are really attractive and help get your message across quite effectively. They are designed to stick on most of the surfaces and include a special message. These stickers are fun, handy, and attention-getting. The sticker may state a company name, telephone number, an attractive logo or a funny quotation. They are printed in funny colours and shapes such as circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles on a clear sticker. You can customize the shape and colour of the decal to complement your business message.

Another usage of clear vinyl sticker is as business ‘cards’. They nicely stick on to notepads and other surfaces, making them difficult to lose. For extra protection and durability, these stickers can be laminated. These decals can be applied everywhere since they are colourful, cute, and easy to apply and on a clear background.

In conclusion, picking the right glass sticker printing and installation company is essential when purchasing clear vinyl stickers. Contact us right now for all your vinyl decal stickers.

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