Different Types of Clear Sticker for Glass and the Uses it Serves

Sticking clear sticker and other window graphics to your car’s window or anything transparent for that matter can be really fun. However, sticking clear stickers to your car or to any transparent glass can be really fun. You can do so to promote your business’s latest product or your company’s big event.

If you’re in a band, you can also use it clear stickers on your album or you can either stick it to glass bottles/containers or give to your friend as a gift. Glass stickers are simply multipurpose products. They can be used for a lot of things and for a lot of reasons. Add to that the fact that it comes with so many design options allowing for a wide array of projects you can do.

What are Clear Stickers for Glass?

Clear StickerClear stickers which are also called ‘’window decals” are the new trend for people with an artistic mind. With the fact that these clear stickers are used for a lot of purposes in the modern world, their meaning is somewhat vague. All that is clear is that clear stickers are products that are especially useful when it comes to labeling as well as decoration which has made these enhancements in demand in the printing industry.

These stickers are usually written in white ink and are UV coated which gives them further resistance to abrasion as well as making them waterproof. This is done to make the clear stickers not wear easily and for it to last a long time. Typically, white vinyl clear stickers are used, but there are varying options for clear stickers you can use. Vinyl materials are great to use as they tend to generally stick strong to a lot of materials and they also apply smoothly.

Types of Clear Sticker

Here are some of the types of glass stickers that are commonly used in the modern world.

  • White Vinyl
    This is the most popular clear sticker used for it sticks strong on most surfaces and it does not leave residue when removed. White vinyl is specifically designed for car window application.

  • Front Facing Adhesive
    This is a reversible vinyl that comes with an additional backing of white vinyl. It is used for inside application and may leave residue when used, but it lasts for up to 5 years.

  • Clear Vinyl
    This glass sticker is printed in a clear vinyl which can be used for inside and outside application. It has 1 to 5 years durability and may leave residue when removed.

  • Reflective Vinyl
    This is a glass sticker that is printed on a reflective vinyl. Mainly used for outside application, it is designed to reflect light just like a road sign. It may also leave residue when it is removed.

There are many types and materials that are used for glass stickers. With so many of them, you can have your pick of clear stickers depending on your purpose and your preferences. Glass stickers are truly amazing as it can change the way that something looks through its wide array of designs.

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