Types of Glass Sticker Decal

Brief Summary of Sticker Product suited for Glass

Below is a brief summary of different sticker and decal products suitable for glass. Glass stickers easily be used on storefronts or other clear surfaces like glass door, windows, glass partitions and mirrors.

  1. Perforated Vinyl: This is also termed as perforated graphic film or one-way vinyl. This material could be printer with full-color graphics at one side so that people can view through the image on the other side, for an instance: this type of sticker can be seen trucks back windows, storefront windows or fleet graphics.
  2. Clear Static: This sticker is not suitable for vehicles since this limits visibility of the people inside it.
  3. Clear Polyester (with front adhesive): The clear-printed materials also come with various adhesive strength degrees: “ultra removable” to “permanent”. Clear stickers with static or adhesive on the surface are not recommended due to limitations. You must bear in mind that any clear-printed material required white ink print layer to cut-down image transparency and make the graphics more vibrant and visible.
  4. Double-Sided Decal: These materials are commonly used on store doors and windows to provide graphic or message to people that are passing by from either part of the said glass. Because of multi-level printing needed, this is very costly. In view of this, it’s considerable to use separate printing stickers on both sides since it’s much economical.

Commonly Used Stickers on Glass

  1. Clear Polyester: Clear Vinyl or Clear Polyester with back adhesive is commonly utilize on vehicle windows since this require smaller sticker. For example, college and school with small logo are not ideal for solid graphic and colored background because of its shape or design. This clear sticker requires added white ink backing to achieve better visibility.
  2. Vinyl Cut Decals: In most cases, this vinyl cut stickers are not printed. This is commonly used on graphics or letterings and supplied on masking sheets for easier application. This can be utilized for small promotional decals or fleet graphics.
  3. Vinyl or Polyester Stickers: If stickers are printed not overly large solid background, this can be utilized on any surface not just glass. Bumper stickers die cut stickers, circle decals, chrome decals and a lot more, can be utilized on glass. If you’re going you keep this on reasonable size, this required vivid graphic printing to allow better option for application and flexibility. Whatever design you consider, we can aid you come up with effective advertising design that will make your business more visible.
Glass Sticker Decal

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