Wall Decoration Sticker in Malaysia

Rose Wall Decoration StickerThe basic idea of wall stickers was a European invention. To be specific there have been some inventions that have served the most to make stickers easier to use and cost efficient. 1) The invention of the paper-making machine in 1982 by Henri Fourdriner. 2) The invention of a new process of printing named ‘The Lithograph Painting’ by Alois Senefelder of Austria, in 1796; and 3) The ability of printing several colors on the tissue paper, figured out in 1940 by the Pratt Brothers. Day by day the wall deco stickers have been reformed and modernized. At present computerized scanners, and an improving silk screen industry have made stickers too much easy to use.

In Malaysia

As Malaysia has a very rich culture, the wall stickers are not meant to be far from it. After 1950 Malaysia started to use stickers as decoration on walls. As Traditional Malaysian art is mainly formed by the crafts of carving, weaving, and silver-smithing, the wall stickers’ suit with it very much. At the beginning Malaysian deco stickers were not so developed and modernized but day by day as it continued to make progress in its technology the country has coped up with the modern decoration stickers also. After 1960 the definition of wall stickers were changed, then slowly but surely the highly modernized stickers became very popular in Malaysia. Nowadays in Malaysia almost every luxurious family uses sticker decals to enhance the beauty of their interior.

There are various kinds of wall stickers are shown in Malaysia and we are upholding our culture through wall decoration sticker. Different kinds of designs are revered here. Many good Islamic quotes, flowers, natural beauty and many other magnificent designs are shown in wall deco stickers. These stickers are found at a very reasonable price. So it’s so easy for anyone to afford it.