Feel the Power with Dragon Wall Sticker

Dragon Wall Sticker

Imagine a creature from the myth all of a sudden appears in front of you! Our dragon wall stickers will thrill you with this sort of feelings. The beasts in our sticker can be appeared as ferocious predators or harmless snuggly creatures. Based upon your choice and taste you can choose whatever type you want.

For adults our dragon wall sticker is more realistic. The muscles under the scales may seem to ripple as soon as the dragon launches itself into the air. Spewing fire by the dragon from mouth and nose is a breathtaking effect.

Dragon stickers intended for children are more cartoonish with soft edges and pastel colors. Wings and legs are tiny with paw like appearance rather than claws- these are not intimidating rather comforting.

Why Dragon is a Symbolic of Power

History tells us dragons are the embodiment of primordial power. People of the eastern part of Asia have regarded dragon as an auspicious creature. Dragon is the master of all the elements: fire, water, wind and earth along with the messengers of balance and magic. Dragon stickers will certainly evoke our courage to tap into our psychic nature and will give us the inner strength to see the world through the eyes of power, mystery, wonder and confidence.

In ancient times people who had the power over others used to bear the presence of dragon in their clothes or other stuffs they used in their daily lives. Chinese dynasty is a great example of that. Chinese emperor used to wear such gown where dragon images were embedded. Chinese people still believe that they are the descendants of dragon. Among different colors of dragon yellow color dragons were the most revered and emperors of that time wore a gown decorated with dragon pattern with yellow color. This gown symbolized the ultimate power of an emperor.

Keeping that in mind we made most of our dragon stickers by focusing the yellow color at best. Shades and mixes of yellow are a common feature of our dragon stickers. Having these stickers installed in your room will help you to reflect the power within you. Furthermore, you will get the confidence of gaining more control or power over your surroundings knowing that people with power did that earlier.

Installation of Dragon Wall Sticker

With an ease of installation and removal process our dragon stickers are great temptation for the people who want to decorate their room’s wall with medieval appearance. Using dragon wall stickers in your room’s wall is a way to express your love of fantasy art and the power within you. It further can grace the walls of your drawing rooms, bed rooms, bathrooms or child room. Even for restaurants, book stores or libraries dragon sticker is a smart choice to install.

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