Decorate Any Room with Glass Vinyl Decals

Tree Glass Decal Penang MalaysiaLately, there has been a decorating trend with wall decals. Now, that trend expands to windows, doors and mirrors with glass vinyl decals. These decals can transform any room instantly and easily. Add a personal touch with decals in geometric patterns, flower patterns, swirls, raindrops, butterflies, and more.

These glass vinyl decals can be sized to fit any window, glass door, or mirror in your living room, kitchen, bathroom and kid’s room. Take a look at the room you want to decorate. What can you envision accenting it with?

Doing this will help you get an idea of the size of the decal that you need. There are a variety of premade designs in many sizes that are ready for you right now. We also offer customized glass decals.

Vinyl will last for a very long time and can maintain its colour on glass surfaces inside with no fading. There are dozens of colours to choose from but the most popular ‘colour’ is translucent. It offers a great way to enhance the interior of a room while providing an extra focal point for your outside view.

You will be able to apply the decals on your own quickly and easily. Depending upon the size, the decal comes in a packaging that lets you unroll it, peel it and apply it in different pieces. Contact us for more information when you place your unique decal order. We offer installation as well.

Get your room the beauty it deserves with an eye-catching vinyl decal. You can choose from so many patterns and images, so now is the time to get started. You can order special decals from your glass vinyl decal from us now.

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