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We are a leading printer of stickers and decals, including letter stickers, for the Malaysian market. Our letter stickers are durable, strong, and feature a powerful adhesive that makes them suitable for use on most surfaces. We offer a selection of different sizes, typefaces and colours, and stickers to suit most uses.

If you are looking for letter stickers, and need ideas for what kind of decals you want, take a look through our extensive catalogue. If you are not sure what sort of stickers to buy, or whether the stickers will adhere to the surface in question, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team can discuss all of our products at length and tell you what materials we used, and what the intended use of the product is.

We take pride in offering quick delivery, and our stickers come with a guarantee that they are fit for the intended use, so if they don’t stay sticky, or if they crack or peel quickly, then you know you are covered. We have many years of experience making stickers for different purposes, however, so we are confident that the products we stock are the best on the market.

Choose from a huge selection of sizes and designs, including easy peel and wipe clean decals. We know that it’s important that stickers don’t just look good on the sheet, but that they stay looking great once they’re stuck to things, so we always work hard to make sure that our stickers will have a long lasting useful life.

If you need any advice, or need some stickers that aren’t in our catalog, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can print stickers to order in most common sizes, and for most common designs.

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