Installing Vinyl Stickers for Windows and Glass Doors

Installing vinyl stickers for glass as well as other window graphics isn’t so simple and easy. It needs knowledge and skill, but most of all it needs a steady hand. Although it may seem to you that the application of vinyl stickers is easy enough to be no-brainer, you should know that glass isn’t created equal so ease of installing them really depends.

Installing Vinyl StickerGlasses aren’t the same. Some of them are coated with a substance like silicon which makes adhesion really difficult. Some of them are exposed to direct sunlight over a really long time while others are topped with films that make removing the stickers impossible without having to damage the tint of your car’s window. This makes application of vinyl stickers and other window graphics not so easy.

On the other hand, vinyl stickers are different from each other as well. They don’t always work so easily on glass doors and windows and the method of installation varies.  This has to be kept in mind as they influence the life span of the window graphics. This will also define the other methods that come with the application of vinyl stickers, the ink, the correct colour combination, the drying method, the condition for exposure as well as the cleaning methods that are to be applied for the vinyl stickers. Generally though, application of vinyl stickers involves the following methods.

Before anything else, you have to clean the surface thoroughly. The following method will ensure:

  1. Ensure that the entire parts of the sticker stick to the application tape by means of rubbing it over with either your finger or a plastic card.
  2. Then, you’ll have to turn the sticker over through the backing paper and then slowly peel it off away from the sticker. Make sure that all of the parts of the sticker are still on the application tape.
  3. After which, you can now put the sticker to the part of the window where you want to, but make sure that the area is well clean and dried. When you put the sticker, you can use a plastic card or your finger to the whole area of the sticker to make sure that it sticks well.
  4. When it’s done, you can now peel the application tape off. Slowly peel it off by starting at one corner and then gradually move down to the opposite side. While doing so, make sure that all the area of the sticker sticks well to the part where it is stuck.

These instructions may vary depending on the glass or the vinyl itself. What’s important is that you should always check with the manufacturer of the vinyl before you apply the sticker to the glass.

When it comes to vinyl stickers, it is advised that it is only applied to vertical windows that have built-in heating, defrosting wipers, special coatings, crank or roll down, emergency window exits or regulated windows. This is to ensure that the vinyl stickers will stick properly to the window.

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