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Use of glass in construction of home, office, and restaurant evoked the argument of privacy and light entrance over the past decade. For solving this problem the idea of glass sticker has come into being and it is obviously a great solution for privacy without hampering the light entrance. Commercially glasses are frosted with the means of acid etching or sandblasting.

However, when people were searching a more convenient and cheap way to get a frosted look then frosted glass stickers have emerged with great boon. In addition to that, due to affordability and incredible varieties of design, people at present turning more into using glass sticker to ‘imitate’ real glass design.

Location Application

Frosted glass stickers will bring elegance in your glass door, window, shower-glass and glass railings without any fanfare. Not only in home doors or windows but also it gives a decorative flair to your car windows, restaurant windows, office windows and more.

Feature & Benefits

There are basically two prime reasons why people use frosted glass sticker; privacy and safety. We have focused on these two reasons and accordingly categorized our collection of frosted glass stickers.

Safety: In modern days some glasses are so transparent and thin that it is almost invisible from a certain distance. Under this circumstance, frosted sticker is essential to stop people from walking into the glasses. For this purpose safety strips or safety dots frosted glass stickers can be a good choice. You can easily install it by your own on your targeted glass doors or windows.

Privacy: In case of your residence privacy is always a great concern. Using full frosted glass for privacy purpose is very costly and if something goes wrong it will be total waste of money. Our frosted glass stickers are specially designed to provide you the desired amount of privacy. We have designed our stickers in such a way that it can create a significant amount of distraction. Thus by using our frosted stickers you can obscure your home interior from outside with minimum effort and cost.

Designs & Services

While producing our glass stickers we give topmost emphasis on the design of the stickers. We have an array of designs that include abstract design, nature design, flower design, company logo and so on. Besides, we provide customized design to our clients which reflect their taste and style in a comprehensive way.

Our glass stickers are made of high quality material that it gives you real glass feelings and longer durability. It is not rare to find people who are actually using these stickers on wall or other surfaces in order to feel like real frosted glass! So bring light and privacy along with an extraordinary twist by installing frosted glass sticker in your home interior.

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