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Etched Glass Sticker Malaysia

Like frosted glass, use of etched glass in doors and windows is also a great idea to bring privacy with an elegant touch. As it is really expensive to purchase etched glass windows people are now turning to use etched glass stickers in order to bring real etched glass feeling at only fraction of the expense.

Trendy interior designers are ready to accept finished product with great enthusiasm. As a consequence etched glass stickers have become part and parcel of the design and construction processes in order to personalize your home interior.

Location Application

There are varieties of application of etched glass sticker such as stores, office buildings, residence, hospitals &pharmaceuticals, public places, banks, hotel, restaurants & clubs and so on.

As for residential use of etched glass sticker, we have designed our products and suitable for dining room, kitchen, laundry or bathrooms, child’s room, French doors, library or study room, closet door glass and decorative privacy glazing.

Feature & Benefits

Etched Glass StickerBasically, etched glass stickers are self adhesive frosted film with a luxury of removal and replacement ease. It diffuses light without significantly reducing the ambient light. And as a result of this any doors or windows can be turned into privacy glass with a fair amount of light entrance.

The installation process of etched glass sticker will only take several hours depends on the volume to be installed. Should the designs need to be changed in future, the removal process is also easy without leaving any residual markings on the wall.

When etched glass stickers are offering so many convenience it is worth to spend only a minimum amount of money and install a sticker thus giving your home interior an aristocrat and splendid look.

Product & Services

We are offering custom-made glass stickers. We are providing custom-made design to our clients. Clients can place order according to their wish, lifestyle, taste and style and we are committed to deliver accordingly- all these are at an affordable cost and within a short time period. However, it will be easier and cost-effective for you to choose from our standard designs.

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