Should You Get “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” Sticker?

In Case of Emergency Break Glass StickerDuring an emergency situation, every second counts. This is the reason why you need to post a clear and in detail message in order to let everyone know that it’s alright to break the glass when highly needed to.

A message in red color is easier to see and read especially during unexpected emergency situations.  Well, people need not to worry anymore as they can already post signs and warning when emergency situations happen and that is through the help of in case of emergency break glass stickers.

This is one of the most durable and effective safety systems that you need to obtain to prevent harsh emergency situation from happening. Materials included in this sign include high quality and premium plastic, aluminium and vinyl that provide heightened and effective visibility.

What Makes “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” Sticker Different?

There are different types of stickers that are offered in the market today yet in case of emergency break glass sticker is considered to be different from others. This is due to the high quality features of this kind of stickers as well as its effective use. To know more about these kinds of stickers, here are some of the high quality features of in case of emergency break glass sticker you need to be aware of.

  • This can be applied in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • It can also be used on different clean and flat surfaces depending on your choice.
  • It has a high quality resolution print with legal lettering stickers.
  • It is primarily used to indicate where to escape or to break the glass during emergency situations.
  • The design is available in clear and bigger sizes in order to make sure that once an emergency happens, people can be aware of the things they need to do.
  • It is a die cut vinyl that primarily comes with a transfer tape applied already on it.
  • The decal of an in case of emergency break glass sticker is completely removable, so you just need to peel it out.
  • It is also offered in different colors aside from red. You have this sticker in black, brown, golden yellow, ice blue, lime tree green, pink and other different colors depending on your color choice.

With the high quality features of this “in case of emergency break glass” sticker, you can already have an advanced hint that this is truly an effective and convenient tool in your office or building.

This sticker is also affordable, so you need not to expect for a large amount of expense.

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