Add Beauty to Any Room with Stained Glass Decals

Stained Glass DecalsMake the light that streams into your office, shop or home, illuminate everything with all the colours of the rainbow. Apply realistic stained glass decals to windows and glass doors and you can enjoy this without much effort.

These decals are made in designs and patterns that look just like the stained glass you marvel at in antique fixtures or older homes.

These stained glass decals turn any ordinary window into a focal point that accents a room beautifuly. There is no complicated crafting involved and these decals are easy to apply without any special skills or equipment.

Wall decalsStained Glass Sticker have become popular recently. These decals offer a simple but attractive way to personalize a bedroom, a nursery, a family room and more. This same type of personalizing is now possible with decals that are specially made to go onto interior glass.

Choose a stained glass pattern and you can also decorate other glass surfaces like shelves, tables or mirrors. You can create amazing pieces unique to you with these decals.

There are many premade decals for you to choose from. Some are of vineyard patterns and others offer flowers as the main design. You can also buy a design that works for anything you have in mind by getting custom decals.

If they are large, you receive your decals in separate sheets. You simply peel the backing and affix the decal to the desired surface. Alternatively you can request us to do installation for you at a competitive price.

What do you think you can embellish with these beautiful decor accents? Look around your home, get ideas and then measure your surfaces.

You will want to get decals in stained glass patterns for many rooms in your shop, office or home. There are decals in more designs than you can imagine. Get ready to order your decals and get your place into a more beautiful light.

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