Face PETG Protective Shield

PETG Protective Shield “Quality Guarantee” Clarity 90% + Reusable + Chemical Resistance

  • PETG Visor gives high impact resistance.
  • Flip-up visor provides convenient on works
  • Good quality material for long term use
  • Able to clean with a disinfectant spray
  • Enough room for eyeglasses or safety goggles
  • Strength and reliability elastic band fits for all head sizes
  • Excellent protection against potential contamination from blood pathogens, harmful chemical splash, flying objects, grinding chips

清晰度90%+可重复使用 + 耐化学腐蚀

  • PETG遮阳板具有很高的抗冲击性。
  • 翻折式遮阳板方便工作。
  • 长期使用的优质材料。
  • 可以用消毒喷雾清洁。
  • 足够容纳眼镜或护目镜。
  • 强度和可靠性松紧带适合所有头型。
  • 出色的保护作用,可防止血液病原体,有害化学飞溅物,飞扬的物体,碎屑的潜在污染。
Quality Guaranteed Decal Sticker Malaysia

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