Sticker Installation for Wall and Glass

Installation Surface

Before you order your wall or glass sticker printing services, you need to knowledgeable about your wall surface or glass type and the stickers to avoid further dilemma. You also need to enquire if the sticker you’re planning to purchase can stand direct sunlight and heat. Make sure to think in advance, there are conditions which can hamper the sticking performance.  In general, you need to find sticker that is made of vinyl since this have waterproofing agent. If you choose vinyl, this will be cut according to the size and shape you desire.

Sticker Designs

Sticker InstallationYour sticker designs should complement your office, shop, restaurant, cafe or homes design. Make sure that the sticker you’re planning to purchase will not destroy your overall aesthetic.

There are individuals who like to change their décor from time to time. Vinyl sticker can be removed without leaving stained behind. Therefore you can change your designs with hassle when comes to sticker removal.

Types of Sticker Glue

There are two types of stickers: removable and permanent. As the term derived, permanent stickers are hard to remove since this comes with high adhesive. While removable stickers are very convenient since you can remove it easily.

Professional Sticker Installer

You need professional help when installing the sticker, to avoid bubbling, which does not look presentable. It is best to seek professional help before purchasing wall or glass sticker printing since they have advance know how about the latest technology in the market today. Different sticker quality and materials may have different way of installation.

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